I am a client of Ferrer-Bonsoms, Lawyers. In 2009, I contracted with two financial entities, Caja Madrid (now Bankia) and Caja España, for preferred shares. In total, 100,000 € in each entity. They were products recommended to me for their low risk and investment security.

In 2013, I found that I suffered significant losses because the product I contracted had nothing to do with what I was obliged to possess by both entities. Both in terms of its value and its nature. In one case, they converted it into shares with a loss of almost 60%, and in the other into what they called ‘cocos.’ I honestly still don’t know exactly what they are, but they were completely illiquid.

Faced with my dissatisfaction, I turned to the judicial route to recover the invested and lost money. I contacted the Ferrer-Bonsoms, Lawyers office. Thanks to their professionalism and work, I have recovered the investment in full, as I have obtained two favorable judgments in my interests. I recommend them for being experts in Banking Law. On my part, I thank the team at the office for their good work, legal knowledge, and interest in my problem. Thank you for everything.

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