Meet the team behind FBS

Expert lawyers in constant training, research and innovation

We are a law firm with over 30 years of experience.

FBS stands out for its speed and efficiency in addressing issues within its various areas of expertise. For over 30 years, it has collaborated with the Faculty of Law at the University of Navarra in teaching Civil Law through the case method.

Meet our team of professionals:

Ignacio Ferrer-Bonsoms
Sole Founder

Specialized in Crypto and Blockchain Law, he is the founding President of the world’s first crypto case law in the Blockchain Arbitration Society.

The team of
Ferrer-Bonsom and Sanjurjo, Lawyers

Jose Luis Sanjurjo
Sole Founder

Co-founder of BAS, he is an expert in Commercial and International Law. He also has extensive experience in banking law.

Leyre Equiza
Lawyer and Head of Administration and Accounting Department

Expert in Inheritance Law.

Nekane Pérez

Specialized in Civil Law.

María Ferrer-Bonsoms

Expert in Tax, Accounting, and Fiscal Law.

Cristina Cortés
Lawyer – Compliance Officer

Expert in crypto assets and money laundering.

Borja Ignacio Rubio

Expert in Accounting Law.

Nuria Sola del Amo

Expert in Procedural Law.

Marina Marín Garriga

Expert in Civil Law.

We believe in people and talent.

We believe that FBS should be a law firm where quality and success are achieved through the professional and personal growth of its team.

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Our headquarters in Pamplona.

Our network of international collaborators allows us to operate in the main European and Latin American countries.

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