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If you need legal advice for your business, we are the law firm you have been looking for. Ferrer-Bonsoms & Sanjurjo, Lawyers, has extensive experience in Commercial Law.

Commercial Law Attorneys.

Commercial Law is the set of rules related to merchants in the exercise of their profession, acts legally classified as commercial, and the legal relationships derived from their realization, with one of its foundations being free trade.

We have knowledge of key commercial regulations such as the Commercial Code, Retail Trade Regulation Law, Unfair Competition Law, Data Protection Regulation, and other legal aspects related to businesses.

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Bankruptcy proceedings aim for the collective satisfaction of the debtor’s creditors, technically known as a solutory purpose. This is achieved through two different avenues:

1. Agreement on payments: Necessary measures are taken for the recovery and restructuring of the company so that, along with the collective satisfaction of creditors, it can continue its economic activities.

2. Liquidation or sale of assets: Using the debtor’s assets and rights (active mass) to pay the creditors (passive mass).

Commercial Contracts

Contracts are perfected by consent and have the force of law between the contracting parties. We draft all types of commercial contracts (agency agreements, franchise agreements, sales contracts, etc.) and also advise you in negotiations with clients, suppliers, debtors, and anyone else related to your business. The Commercial Code is a reference norm in this area. Additionally, we can refer to other regulations such as the Agency Contract Law and the Law 15/2009, of November 11, on the Contract of Land Transport of Goods.

Commercial Intermediation

In the business and commercial sphere, contracts of commercial intermediation are highly relevant. Intermediation is essential to understand the exchange activity taking place in the market. It plays a crucial role between sellers and buyers of products and services, whether they are end consumers or act as intermediaries within the distribution channel.

Corporate Bylaws

The modification of corporate bylaws is a matter of utmost importance and great significance in corporate practice. Any change or alteration of the bylaws affects the very nature of the company: its structure, organization, and functioning. The application of the Law of Capital Companies is crucial.

Shareholders' Meeting

The General Meeting is a necessary body through which decisions are made by a majority of votes present or represented. It holds the most important competencies, and its resolutions bind the directors and all shareholders, including absent and dissenting ones. Meetings can be ordinary or extraordinary, depending on the matters to be discussed.

Transformations, Divisions, Mergers, and Transfers

The division of companies, though it may seem otherwise, is not precisely the opposite procedure to the merger of companies. It is an operation by which the assets of a company are wholly or partially divided without liquidation, to transfer the part or parts that are divided or separated to another existing company or companies. In this field, understanding the Law of Structural Changes of Commercial Companies is essential.


These are other legal services for your company that FBS offers:


Advice and implementation of audits, procedures, and monitoring for compliance with GDPR (Europe) and Regulation 2016/679 LOPD (Spain).


Defense and advice on compliance with criminal law for accusations of crimes, penalties, and security measures.


Expert lawyers in tax law, including VAT, Personal Income Tax (IRPF), wealth tax, corporate tax, inheritances and donations tax, among others. Understanding national and regional tax measures.


The new Penal Code establishes the criminal liability of companies and requires companies to implement a crime prevention system.

The person who assumes this position must have multidisciplinary training.

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