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FBS: Civil Lawyers

If you are looking for an expert in Civil Law that aims to regulate the private relationships people establish among themselves, Ferrer-Bonsoms & Sanjurjo, Lawyers is the firm you've been searching for.

It encompasses a wide range of subjects such as personal rights (regulating legal capacity), family law, property law, obligations and contracts, inheritance law, and rules of civil liability.

Our professionals can advise you on various matters, guiding you in personal or property relationships, whether individuals or legal entities, providing you with a personalized response to safeguard your legal interests.


Leases, both for urban and rural properties, are a legal transaction present in the daily lives of all citizens.

Our law firm has an experienced track record: old rent leases, improvement works, maintenance costs, evictions.


Contracts are perfected by mere consent, and the obligations arising from the contract have the force of law between the contracting parties.

It is important to be properly informed before signing any contract: lease, loan, sale, etc.

Consumers and Users

This is one of the branches of Civil Law with the most current judicial relevance: abusive practices, insurance, housing and mortgages, health and food, defective products, etc.

In this office, as specialists in Consumer and User Law, we have handled cases related to Banking Law.

Inheritances and Successions
  • Assistance and direct advice in the event of death without a will
  • Assistance in the notary
  • Judicial declaration of heir
  • Inheritance partition
Real Estate Claims

What happens if you have paid for the purchase of your home and the construction company has gone bankrupt?

Thousands of individuals advanced money for their future homes to developers for properties that were never built.

The banking sector will be held responsible for thousands of ghost developments by refunding the money to the affected parties.

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