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International Law is becoming increasingly important for companies. International commercial transactions with third parties are a daily reality.

Ferrer-Bonsoms & Sanjurjo Abogados has contacts with law firms and consultancies all over the world.

There are many opportunities and challenges facing companies today. Globalization, digital transformation, the economy, and speed of change, amongst others, affect the economic and business activity as a whole, from an international point of view.

Commercial companies that develop their activities in the international field require legal experts who know the rules that define and regulate the main functional areas of the company:

-international contract law

-import and export rules

-tax rules and international taxation

-intellectual and industrial property

-international labor law

-resolution mechanisms (alternative dispute resolutions)

We can offer legal advice to Spanish companies in their internationalization processes, as well as advise foreign companies in their operations in Spain.

Our objective in international law is to avoid problems by seeking a priori solutions for our clients through our worldwide contact network.

What happens in case of a procedure in international contracts?

We see to it that it takes place in the procedure (litigation or arbitration) and in the place that are most favorable to our clients.

What are the advantages of arbitration over litigation?

It is usually faster, with no risk of bias and in the common language the parties have agreed upon.

Can international contracts only be in writing?

No, contracts can be written or verbal, but it is highly recommended that they be made in writing. Each new contract modifies or repeals the previous one.

What is International Private law

International law is law agreed by two or more states and is applicable to those states and in most cases their nationals. It is laid down in rules referred to as Treaties, Conventions, Regulations and Declarations.

International law can be divided into International Public Law and International Private Law. International Public Law is concerned with such issues as the set-up of international institutions, human rights  and the extradition of
nationals from another country to their home country.

The aim of International Private Law is to solve problems in international legal relationships which arise from different legal systems.

International Private Law deals with three main issues

-Jurisdiction in cases of litigation between two parties from different states
-The law to be applied in cases of international litigation between two private parties.

-Solutions to legal problems arising out of an international legal relationship.

What are the guiding principles of international commercial contracts?

  • Principle of Freedom of Contract.
  • Principle of Pacta Sunt Servanda. That is to say, compliance with what has been agreed upon by the parties.
  • Principle of good faith and fair dealing. This in accordance with the best practices of the sector.

Through close collaboration with firms around the world, we have global reach to meet the needs of our customers when their business crosses borders. We can provide immediate access to trusted local legal advisors around the world.

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